It’s The Law!

Workers’ Compensation INSURANCE


Protect your workers and protect your business!

Companies with employees must purchase workers’ compensation insurance. This is to ensure workers are protected should they sustain a job-related injury. (This also applies to health challenges or conditions that emerge and that are work related.)

What’s Included

Work comp insurance will pay for:

  • Medical care, 
  • Disability (whether temporary or permanent), and 
  • Death benefits as well.

Get The Facts

You can talk with a Workers’ Compensation specialist at Choice One Insurance Group to learn what steps you need to take to protect your workers and comply with State law.

One-Stop Protection

As an independent insurance agent, we represent several top ranked work comp insurance carriers. We will get you the best protection that fits your requirements while also striving to be as budget friendly as possible.

Keeping Your Employees Protected is Our Priority!

At Choice One Insurance Group we understand how important having a good team is. You’ve made an investment in building your team and your operations depend on their knowledge and skilled work. You need to offer them peace of mind that they are protected should something terrible happen to them.

Be Protected

Let’s face it, mishaps happen. The right Workers Comp insurance will allow your company to ensure a hurt worker is protected and can recover.

Injuries Happen!

Common injuries can range from auto accidents while on the job to back injuries because of continuous heavy lifting on the job.

Be Compliant

Without Workers Compensation, you’re out of compliance with state law. You’re also at risk of facing a lawsuit for damages should an accident occur. (Remember, the smallest of office injuries can impact your worker’s health as well as your company finances as a whole.)

Have Concerns About Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Contact an insurance expert at Choice One Insurance Group today to answer all your concerns about Workers’ Compensation Insurance. We’ll be happy to offer you a complimentary evaluation. We’ll also give you zero-obligation insurance quote for Workers’ Compensation Insurance.