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Is your home a charming bungalow or a statement that you’ve arrived? Whether your home is small or large, with the basics or with all the upgrades, we will make certain you have the right insurance.

At Choice One Insurance Group we’ll strive to find you the best homeowner’s insurance policy designed to fit both your budget and your unique situation.

We know that if disaster strikes, you want to ensure you can reconstruct your house and replace your belongings back to their original state.

The Protection You Need

And this is critical. Some folks skimp on fundamental protections that leave them in a terrible financial black-hole should the worst happen. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions so that you can have affordable home insurance. We’ll also ensure your savings are protected in the case of a future event.

Unbiased Multiple Quotes

As an Independent Agency, we work with many carriers. That means we offer you unbiased home insurance advice. We’re in your corner advocating what’s best for you, rather than being beholden to one single carrier. 

Proudly Local

We serve Carson City, MI and Crystal, MI and adjacent areas in NY. During your consultation with our team we’ll make sure we have you covered for all life’s surprises across all the different ways you might need insurance, including home insurance.

Uniquely Yours

We’ll create unique policy that is designed to safeguard your household against damage or claims from those hurt while on your premises.

Standard Homeowners Insurance Protection

  • Your house’s structure.
  • Other buildings/structures on property– barns, detached garages, swimming pools, studios
  • Personal belongings– furnishings, clothes, appliances, and so on.
  • Extra living expenditures– hotel expenses and meals (if you needed to leave your home due to an insured loss).
  • Liability protection– defense against claims for residential or commercial property damage or injury that occurs on your residential or commercial property or while you are away from house.
  • Medical coverage– assists you manage medical expenses for those harmed in a mishap while on your property.

Additional Special Features For Homeowner’s Insurance Policies.

  • House replacement guarantee.
  • Replacement cost on contents.
  • Additional protection types.

Fantastic options and excellent service

Hopefully it is clear that there are many options when it comes to home insurance. At Choice One Insurance Group we’ll guide you through all your options to help you achieve your personal protection goals.

And we’ll also help you understand how affordable certain options are, such as increasing liability protection. (Better liability protection is typically budget friendly.)

The great thing about working with Choice One Insurance Group is that we’re local professionals who live and work in this community.

We actively support our community and strive to faithfully serve our clients in all we offer with the goal of creating peace of mind.

When you work with Choice One Insurance Group you can feel assured that you’re adequately protected and that you have insurance backed by a team who will be available to you as you need us.
And should you need added protection for a home of high value, you can trust our team of agents and carriers to help you protect that significant asset.

Several factors to consider that are unique to high-end homes include the construction materials, custom components, and high-value contents such as jewelry, artwork, collectibles, etc.
We’ll make sure that you have an excellent insurance plan that you can feel good about and have faith in that it will protect you in a crisis.

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