General Liability INSURANCE


Protects against risks including 3rd pary claims, injury, medical costs, and losses to customers caused by using your products or services, etc.

This is important. A general liability insurance policy for your company can ensure that you don’t lose your corporate or personal assets because of a claim against your company.

Get Peace of Mind

With a custom general liability insurance policy, you can have the peace of mind that your organization is safeguarded from costly claims.

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Choice One Insurance Group is local in Carson City, MI and Crystal, MI and serves both Michigan and New York. We have substantial experience helping clients manage their risk through general liability insurance.

Important Protection For Your Company.

If you run a company, you know it is a significant responsibility that includes many risks. You’re responsible for daily operations making sure things run smoothly. You’re also responsible for your staff members. And you have to be prepared to handle unfortunate circumstances that can arise from people working with you.

At Choice One Insurance Group Insurance we’ll help you create an insurance plan that is mindful of the risks you face. We’ll also make sure it fits within your budget. That way you can server your clients knowing your protected! Think about the peace of mind that offers.

Why Should You Care?

Let’s face it, we live in a litigious society. If legal action is taken against your company (due to injury or damages you or your team may have caused) commercial general liability insurance will step in to protect you from financial losses.

With the right general liability insurance policy, most medical expenses, lawyer compensation, settlements, and charges covered.

Common Protections Include:

  • On-Premise Liability
  • Products and Completed Work
  • On-Premises Medical
  • Legal Liability
  • Casualty Coverage

Protections defined

Bodily Injury
This protection will pay (to the limit you pick) if you or the company are responsible for injuries to third parties. (You can also add protection for defense expenses.)

Personal Injury
Personal Injury protection is triggered and pays if you or your organization is discovered responsible for slander, libel, and unlawful arrest.

Property Damage
This coverage kicks in when you or your organization is found accountable for damage to a third party’s residential or commercial property.

This protection safeguards you and your organization if you are found responsible for causing damage to properties such as a workplace, warehouse, or retail space rented by your company.

If you run a vehicle service operation, having Garagekeeper’s Liability coverage will safeguard your client’s vehicles theft, vandalism, fire, or other damages.

Employment Practices
An option like Employment Practices Liability will safeguard your service if a staff member’s legal rights have actually been violated.

There are More Commercial Liability Options

  • Additional Insured
  • Contractual Liability
  • Concession Liability
  • Foreign Liability 
  • Liquor Liability 
  • Products-Completed Operations

It’s important to talk with a professional who deeply understands the right questions to ask to help you. 

Whether you have a shop on Main Street, an entity that offers services, are involved in manufacturing, or something else entirely, all companies face unique RISKS that are covered through an appropriately tailored General Liability program. 

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